We get a lot Burberry Outlet London of questions about Parajumpers Jacka Billigt the air race and would love to answer them all. But here are the most often asked questions.

Q: How does the race work? Is it the first Cheap Shoes for Women airplane to finish?

A: No. It doesn’t matter who crosses the finish line first. Each plane is handicapped for a true airspeed. So the team who flies the most “perfect” cross country wins the race.

Q: How does the handicapping work?
A: Since every airplane is different and flies at a different speed, we all need to go up with a “handicap” pilot to determine the maximum true airspeed that each airplane will fly at. The “book” value will not work since every airplane has had modifications Golden Goose Deluxe Brand Outlet done to it. Over time, older airplanes may not fly exactly straight. Or if the paint is worn out, that can effect the speed of the airplane. Even a small dent anywhere on the plane can effect it’s speed. So to be fair, each airplane is flown in a square pattern with each leg being 5 minutes. We fly at maximum power (full throttle) with the mixture leaned to give us peak EGT 50 degrees. We all fly at 6000′ density altitude to level the flying field. In a nutshell, the average ground speed of the entire flight determines the handicap speed. There is more math involved then the simple explanation above, but to keep it simple, that’s how it works.

Q: Why don’t you always fly at full throttle?
A: Flying an airplane at full throttle burns a ton more gas then at 70-80% power. With AvGas being in the $7 per gallon range, fuel economy is a factor.

Q: How many teams are there? And how many women per Team?
A: This year there are 52 teams consisting of 2-3 women per team.

Q: Why don’t you fly the fastest airplane made?
A: There is a horsepower limitation of 600hp total and no super/turbo chargers. Plus, the speed of the airplane doesn’t matter since each airplane is individually handicapped.

Q: Why race?
A: Because it’s fun. Because it raises awareness for women Philipp Plein Pas Cher pilots. Some of us raise money and awareness for Nike Dunk High Tops charities. Because we want the world to know that women can fly and race and win races.

We will post more FAQs as they come up. Thanks for following us.